Your home is one of the largest and most important investments you typically have.  Your roof is your first line of defense to your home’s interior and the investments therein.  Protect your home and your most valuable asset by placing your trust in Antebellum Roofworks’ ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan.

Your roof gets daily stress and exposure from the extreme elements of Mother Nature.   Your roof and first line of defense has to be properly designed and installed to face harsh conditions such as heavy wind driven rains, snow and ice dams, extreme heat, freeze thaw cycles and a whole list of environmental factors that affect and impact roof performance.  The stress and havoc doesn’t stop with the weather you also have to worry about animals and other pests. Damage can occur in a number if different ways and for several different reasons and typically no one realizes there was a problem until it was too late.

Most homeowners do not have the experience or desire to walk on todays residential roof and make sure it is performing as designed by the manufacturer.  Your roof not only protects your financial investment, but they also should be designed and maintained to protect the health and safety of you and your family.   Out of site is often out of mind. What was a simple problem to identify and repair often becomes a costly structural repair without a proactive roof maintenance and repair plan.

Your roof’s service life, performance and manufacturer’s warranty compliance are directly impacted by your implementation of a roof maintenance and service plan.  You can not simply purchase a roof and forget about it leaves and debris must be removed, storm damage identified etc. … Roof systems that have a proactive roof maintenance and repair program in place typically last 50% longer than roof systems that have a reactive plan that responds to leaks and other roofing problems after they occur.

It has been reported by the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) that as many as 80% of all roofs installed failing to reach their service life expectancy with many 20-30yr roof systems needing replacement 10-15 years after installation.   When you consider that roofing materials almost double every 5 years and the average residential roof replacement being around $10,000.00 at the present one can quickly see the financial sense in implementing a proactive roof maintenance and repair plan.  

Antebellum Roofworks’ ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan’s are custom tailored to extend the life of your roof system and provide property owners with proper roof inspection, roof documentation and a service plan for both necessary repairs and a estimated budget replacement cost.  The information will put you in a position to control expenses, mitigate damages, reduce liabilities and defer costly roof repairs and premature roof replacements.

Antebellum Roofworks’ ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan include:

  • Annual and or semi annual roof inspections
  • Clean gutters and roof of leaves and debris
  • Apply Sealant to all exposed nailheads (#1 cause of all residential roof leaks)
  • Repair of nail popped and or wind-lifted shingles.
  • Provide a professional storm damage assessment including both hail and wind damage inspections.
  • Inspect storm collars on vent stacks.
  • Inspect gutter for blockage and proper drainage.
  • Inspect flashings wall to roof, chimney to roof and roof penetration flashings.
  • Inspect skylights.
  • Inspect masonry chimneys and walls.
  • Inspect soffit and fascia.
  • Inspect roof to siding (wall covering) details
  • Asses overall building envelop
  • Inspect metal rooftop equipment and flashings for rust.
  • Inspect roof overhangs

How Antebellum Roofworks’ ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan Works:

  • Inspect

An Antebellum Roofworks representative comes to your property and performs a detailed roof system analysis and inspection.  Photographs of existing conditions and deficiencies in your roof system. You will see exactly what is wrong with your roof and where it is on your roof.

  • Report

Antebellum Roofworks prepares a professional roof inspection report with detailed roof drawing itemizing scopes of work and material specifications needed to keep your roof leak free, code compliant, safety compliant and warranty compliant.  This roof drawing and report becomes a working document we use each time we inspect and repair or maintain your roof system. You will be given before and after pictures with GPS coordinated service dispatch and time reporting while at your site.  We take the worry out of roof problems and repair through proper documentation of the entire process.

  • Repair and Maintain

We arrive on site with professional uniformed employees certified and trained by leading roof manufacturers.  Our crews are dispatched according to your roof system type ( ex: shingle, metal, low slope flat roof, slate roof etc…)  The right crew shows up with the right information, tools, equipment and insurance to solve your roofing problems. All repairs and maintenance items are itemized on your work order.

  • Plan

All documents and findings are detailed into a historical record that helps you

  • identify roof system weaknesses and patterns
  • schedule future inspections or repairs
  • diagnose roofing issues before they become costly repairs
  • keep roof warranty compliant
  • budget and forecast for upcoming expenses and replacements
  • protect your roofing investment and capitalize on roof asset value by showing you have a properly installed, maintained and warranted roof system transferable to next home or property owner.
  • Save Money- tax deductions, insurance savings and deferred repair and replacement costs.

Antebellum Roofworks’ ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan Cost:

  • Basic

Our minimum per incident service call providing 2-man hours of labor and repair materials.  Fee provides basic roof drawing and inspection reports with before and after photos detailing your repairs and maintenance.

  • Silver

Annual service call providing one visit scheduled in spring or fall providing up to 4-man hours of labor and repair materials.  Fee provides professional roof drawing with inspection report with before and after photos detailing your repairs and maintenance.

  • Gold

Semi annual service calls providing 2 scheduled visits and up to 6-man hours of labor and repair materials

  • Additions:
    • Storm Damage Assessments
    • Wind and Hail Reports
    • Roof Certification
    • 2 MEN FOR A DAY
    • Priority Service
    • Discounted Additional Services
  • Conditions: Pricing for typical residential roofs with walkable pitch 7/12 and below and 3000sqft of roof

Antebellum Roofworks’ ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan Benefits:

    • Catch costly leaks and repairs before they are serious health and safety risks.
  • Catch costly leaks and repairs before they are costly out of pocket repair expenses.              (Note: Homeowners Insurance does not pay for wood rot as they consider it an ongoing repair issue left neglected and not storm damage.)
  • Roof Maintenance and Repairs are tax deductible and in some cases are credited toward your insurance deductible.
  • Peace of Mind – Rest easy knowing you are doing all you can do to protect your home and the investments therein.
  • Defer premature replacement costs by promoting and extending the service life of your roof system.

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