Tile Roof Flashing

Tile Roof Flashing is a very important component for tile roofs. Tile roofing systems often create more spacing considerations than shingles, especially when raised profiles are used like the classic Spanish mission style terra cotta tiles. To close the gaps around these areas or to help ensure a flush seal around vulnerable components, flashing should be used.

Tile Roof Flashing

Flashing to Perfectly Match Your Tile Roof

Tile roofs have a unique beauty and style. The wrong type of flashing material could potentially disrupt this style, wasting all the money you spent on achieving a specific look.

Furthermore, some tile roof installations do not use the proper flashing for the job. You may end up with joints, edges or aprons that do not adequately keep out water given the way the tile roofing system is set up. This mistake could let water intrude into your roof deck, attic or walls. Your beautiful roof tiles will have to be dismantled and reset during lengthy and expensive repairs.

To prevent an unattractive or leaky roof, you have to select the right flashing material for the job. [company_name] has decades of experience installing and servicing tile roofs. We can find the perfect flashing material to compliment your tile roof depending on the scenario.

Examples of services we can do to improve the look and functionality of your tile roof include:

  • Installing flexible flashing materials that lay flush along the tile shape
  • Matching colors seamlessly to make your flashing practically invisible
  • Creating closed valley installations that conceal the flashing underneath while preserving its function
  • Installing ridge and hip tile that conceals flashing while creating an impressive visual effect
  • Providing opportunities to use your roof tile on top of the flashing, such as over crickets and on top of bay windows
  • Helping you choose a visible flashing material that complements rather than clashes with your tile finish in scenarios where concealing is impossible
  • Responding to unique situations where common shingle flashing installation methods would not work, such as around certain skylights

Nashville Tile Roof Flashing Installation Experts

We have an answer for practically any tile roofing scenario you could think of. Our roofing experts ensure that the tile roof look you wanted to achieve will not be disrupted by your necessary flashing material. In the past we have even discovered ways to further enhance the look of your tile roof through creative solutions, such as installing a cricket or hip trim. Contact us at (615) 794-9111 today or fill out our form for a free quote or to get started.

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