Through Fastened Metal (Screw Down) Roofing

While the metal roof had gone out of style for many years for anything but industrial and business applications, it is now making a comeback in the housing sector as well as still being a practical solution for business. Screw down metal roofing is affixed to a roofing deck using a mechanical fastener and a seal. This requires a roofing deck that can be screwed into. Make sure that your roofing deck is capable of supporting screw in fasteners or strips may need to be added in order to install metal roofing. Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc offers two main types of through fastened metal roofing in Nashville: 5V Crimp and R Panel.

Through Fastened Metal

5v Crimp

The 5V crimp panel is an older style of metal roofing. This style of through fastened metal is perfect for doing a historic restoration or to match the historic feel of a neighborhood. 5V crimp can be used in both residential buildings and agricultural buildings. Since it is an older style, it can give your building an aged or classic look.

R Panel

The R panel is the most economic choice for metal roofing. Like the 5V crimp, it can be used in both residential and agricultural market. R panels can also be used on a full metal building construction. It is a more modern panel and carries a flashy metal look. Don’t let the look fool you though, the R Panel is the most economic choice for metal roofing.

Nashville Through Fastened Metal Roofing Experts

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