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A “tear-off” is the term for removing all of the old, built-up materials from your roof deck so that you can safely and efficiently install a new roofing system.

Some roofing companies may recommend a roof-over, but that can result in damage to your home’s structure. Although a tear-off may take longer and cost a bit more, you will be able to count on the durability and strength of your new roof.

Roof Tear-Offs

When Are Roof Tear-Offs Ideal?

There are very few instances when a roof-over is more appropriate than a tear-off. If any of the following scenarios apply to you, call Antebellum Roofworks to get the ball rolling on your tear-off today.

  • There’s already more than one layer.It’s such a bad idea to stack more than two layers of roofing that most local building codes outright prohibit it.
  • You might have bad decking.If there are soft or sagging areas on your roof, it’s likely you are dealing with damage to the roof decking, either from moisture or rot. A tear-off will allow us to inspect and repair the deck.
  • The roof lacks an ice and water protection membrane.Without this essential element, your roof may be prone to ice dams that can severely damage your structure.
  • Layering would mean lightweight shingles on top of heavyweight shingles.All of the textures and ridges will show through and ruin the appearance of your roof.
  • Your existing roof is in rough shape.For obvious reasons, you don’t want to install a new roof on top of a shoddy one. Start from scratch for complete peace of mind.
  • You consider your home an investment.There’s a reason most pros recommend tear-offs: they make your new roofing last longer

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