Structural Standing Seam Metal

Structural Standing Seam Metal has a myriad of residential, commercial, historical and industrial applications. They provide strength, durability and limitless aesthetic possibilities.

Structural Standing Seam Metal

Mechanical Lock

The mechanical lock roof system has been used across the globe for hundreds of years. It is a concealed fastener panel with clips that lock the panels together by bending the closure 90 or 180 degrees. These are respectively called the single lock and the double lock.

This type of locking pattern makes the mechanical lock available for use in both low and steep slope roof systems. Its versatility makes it a great choice for residential, historical and commercial application.

Snap Lock

The snap lock is a concealed fastener standing seam roof system. Like the mechanical lock, the snap lock is ideal for residential, historical and commercial application.

Due to its specific panel features and the benefits of the traditional standing seam, labor and equipment costs for the snap lock are relatively low. Using metal clips, the panel is attached to the roof deck and snapped together at the seams. This type of lock keeps the panels tightly secured even during strong winds.


The nailstrip is also a concealed fastener standing seam roof system. The nailstrip panel is created with light gauge steel or aluminum and then fastened to the roof deck without clips. By combining the benefits of the concealed fastener roof system with its easy application it’s ideal for residential projects in the standing seam line.

Batten Cap

Like the ones before it, the batten cap is a concealed fastener standing seam roof system. It is often used to improve the look of asphalt shingle and metal panel combinations.

Like the nailstrip, the batten cap is easy to install and is ideal for the residential roofing economy. Some commercial markets also use the batten cap for their mansard roofs.

Flush Wall Panel

The flush wall panel has primarily commercial and industrial applications. The flush wall panel is an interlocking wall/soffit panel that is seamless and field-fabricated.  The concealed fastening system allows for a flat appearance.

Custom Panels

In addition to the five structural standing seam metal panels described above, we have the ability to create other 1″ and 1.5″ convex panels. We can form panels ideal for round dormers and vaulted roof applications.

Nashville Structural Standing Seam Metal Experts

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