Structural Metal Standing Seam Roofing Panels

Most people think of roofing as a finishing touch to the structure to seal out the weather. This is not always the case. Structural roofing panels can add structural strength to a building as well as protect it from the elements. Unlike architectural panels, they can be installed as very gentle slopes, and work very effectively on nearly level roofing.

metal standing seam structural

Strength Against the Elements

Structural components can be installed across open roofing structures. Even without support, they are fully capable of handling the weight that is put on them by heavy snow and wind. While you can install structural panels overtop of roof decking, this is not necessary. They reach their full potential when working on their own.

Water Tight Seals

While structural roofing panels can be selected without the ability to be sealed against water leakage, they are typically not used in this capacity. The seams between each of the roofing panels are typically higher than what would be seen with other roofing systems. This allows variety in the method that is used to fix the seams together; either mechanically with hardware or snap together systems. No matter what fastening system is used, the panels are then sealed with a sealant to strengthen the seam and provide a watertight seal.

Versatility in Size

Structural roofing panels come in virtually any size for any application. They are also designed to be able to move freely when in the hot sun so that expansion is not an issue when the panels are warm.

Nashville Structural Metal Standing Seam Roofing Experts

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