Roof Returns

A roof return is the portion of your roof that doubles back to the house, between the roof end and the walls. Roof returns are also sometimes called eaves. They can be either a part of the roof frame or can be added to a home that does not currently have them.

Roof Returns

Types of Roof Returns

There are several types of roof return. Some are more historically accurate than others, and the choice of return you use can drastically alter your home’s appearance and style.

Cornice returns continue an existing cornice to wrap around the gable end of a structure. The advantages of cornice returns are the potential to add texture and color at the gable.

Traditional Gable Returns, also known as Greek or Queen Anne’s returns, extend the soffit around the corner of building, and then add a small hip roof cover. The historically and architecturally accurate designs can add a great deal of beauty beautiful when executed properly.

A Full Cornice Return or Return Eave runs across a gable to create a very classical pediment look. It provides protection from rain and weather exposure to windows and can be roofed with standing seam panels or most other steep slope roofing materials.

Roof Return Installation in Nashville

Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc offers unparalleled experience and quality to our Tennessee roofing customers. We offer a broad variety of styles and materials and our expert staff are ready to deliver long-lasting and sturdy roof returns.

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