PVC is a waterproofing membrane material commonly used for low-slope or “flat” roofs. This material is highly-flexible, cost-effective, durable and perfectly waterproof when properly installed.

Furthermore, most PVC materials are white. This feature makes them reflect heat and UV light, lowering air conditioning costs and resisting damage from the sun’s rays.

What Do PVC Membranes Do?

Flat roof systems all need a method of permanently keeping water out of the building. The traditional way to accomplish this was to cover the roof in tar paper, and then cover it with shovelfuls of gravel.

Problems arise as the gravel gets shifted by winds, people, debris or animals. The underlying tar paper gets exposed to the sunlight and elements. Eventually, it begins to crack and peel. Once it is damaged, the roof will let water into the building with devastating consequences.

To solve this problem, different materials were created to replace tar paper. PVC was one of them.

How Is PVC Made and Installed?

PVC, also sometimes known as just “vinyl,” is essentially made using petroleum products and salt. The petroleum is processed into ethylene gas and salt is electrolyzed to produce chlorine gas. When the two are combined, they become ethylene dichloride (EDC), and they are then changed into a gas called VCM.

The VCM is then converted into long molecule chains that make it heavy and change from a gas to a powder, known as vinyl resin. This resin can be combined with stabilizers that add durability, plasticizers that make it stretch and pigments to change its color.

Raw PVC is further stabilized against UV damage and then extruded into sheets. Sometimes, the material is reinforced with fiberglass or polyester.

To install the PVC membrane, you roll out strips and then secure them with adhesive, bonding agents, mechanical equipment or many other methods. When the job is completed, the roof will be entirely covered in a surface that is durable, flexible and completely waterproof.

Nashville PVC Roof Installation Experts

Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc has completed countless projects installing PVC membranes and roofing systems on all sorts of flat roofs. Many of our flat roof clients are commercial building owners, commercial developers or commercial contractor teams. We have extensive experience working with both private parties, publicly-held companies and huge project teams consisting of several different crews.

No matter what the job or the environment, people in Nashville who need PVC roof membrane installation often turn to us. We can get the job done well and get it done on schedule. Contact us at (615) 794-9111 today or fill out our form to receive a quote or answers to questions about your flat roof job.

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