Metal Roof Flashing — Through Fastened

Flashing is material used to waterproof vulnerable areas of your roof. Sheet metal materials are commonly used for this function, but there are also alternatives.

A common roofing material, through fastened metal, can also be used for flashing applications. This material has a similar profile to standing seam metal but with smaller ridges and more intermittent ribbing.

Each through fastened panel is secured directly through the metal to ensure a lasting application every time. The panels overlap, keeping out water and sometimes even concealing the fasteners.

Through-fastened metal panels offer more durability and architectural appeal than most flat metal flashing options. A cleaner, sleek look can be attained by hidden fastenings, via our special Through Fastening process.

While doing just as good a job as the more traditional flashing styles, through-fastened Flashing shows your roof off more with longer sweeping lines, corners, and fine details.

Where You Might Need Flashing

Flashing materials are needed anywhere there is a join or overlap that could let water into your roofing system. Common sites for flashing include:

  • Chimneys
  • Roof exhaust vents
  • Around skylights or roof windows
  • On top of or below fascias
  • Above windows
  • On and around bay windows or certain gables
  • Roof valleys, ridges and hips
  • Anywhere there might be exposed structure or concentrated runoff

Well-applied flashing not only protects your home and roof, it can also look great. Our through fastened metal roof flashing can provide an interesting architectural accent for any roof. We can use it to match the design of your metal roof, or we could contrast your shingle, tile or wood shake roof with a handsome embellishment.

Nashville Through Fastened Metal Roof Flashing Installation Experts

Through fastened metal roof flashing can give any home a striking appearance along with added protection from the elements. Proper installation is needed to prevent any instability or water intrusion. You should only trust seasoned experts like Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc. Contact us at (615) 794-9111 today or fill out our form for a free quote or to get started.

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