Low Sloping Roof Flashing

Not all flashings are created equal. This is particularly true when your roof has a low slope. The flashing is one of the most important and yet most difficult parts of a roof. Flashing is vulnerable because it is the part that seals junctions between your roof’s decking surfaces. It also is applied around roof penetrations. This means that improper flashing will cause a leaky roof. With a low slope on the roof, much more care must be taken in material selection, details and even edging to ensure a proper seal is obtained for the roof.

Functions of Flashing

The flashing on a roof serves two major functions:

  • Flashing is the seal between the roofing membrane and the other parts of the building. This includes things like walls, eaves and chimneys.
  • Flashing serves as the bridge between building materials.

Things to Look for in Low Slope Flashing

One of the most important things is that the flashing materials are clean and dry prior to their installation on the roof. This ensures proper adhesion to the roof decking. With low sloping roofs, flashings must be fully attached to the membrane and the substrate or decking. This means that flashings should be as flat and even as possible to ensure proper sealing against the elements.

Flashing is only as good as the decking that it is being attached to, so prior to installing flashing makes sure the roof decking is inspected and in good shape. Decking that is damaged or not properly sealed can cause improper sealing.

Make sure to read the manufacture instructions for all sealants or caulking that is used with flashing. Improper application of sealants can lead to a leaking roof.

Low Sloping Roof Flashing Installation Experts in Nashville

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