What can add a beautiful accent to your home better than a metal awning? Awnings are perfect for protecting doors and windows from rain, wind and snow. They can also provide shade on those sunny days you want to sit outside on the porch. Awnings come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Types of Sheet Metal Awnings

  • The Arch Metal – This traditional design provides both protection and style
  • The Bay Metal – An artistic design to protect doors from rain and snow
  • The Classic Metal – Shows off the beauty of metal over fabric or other alternatives
  • The Convex Metal – Ornamental and provides maximum protection from the elements
  • The Crescent Metal – Contemporary style with flashy metal finish for porches and decks
  • The Diamond Dome – Provides shade and protection with elegance of design
  • The Dome Metal – Classy and stylish, this looks great with any types of metals
  • The Elegant Metal – Bold and trendy way to protect from the elements
  • The Modern Metal – Transform that boring exterior with this head turning design
  • The Range Metal – Add flair and drama to your exterior with this stunning awning
  • The Standard Metal – Simple and unassuming. A tasteful way to add protection
  • The Traditional Metal – Sweep design with a bottom hem protects from snow and wind

Nashville Awning Experts

Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc’s full service sheet metal shop provides premium sheet metal awnings. With more than 20 years of experience, we can create and install a metal awning that fits your home perfectly. Contact us at (615) 794-9111 today or fill out our form today with your ideas for a design or pick from one of ours listed above.

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