Roofing Bid Tactics

Roofing Bid Tactics – Because deficient and fraudulent roofing practices are the order of the day, Antebellum Roofworks strives to educate their customers in order for them to be able to purchase quality instead of inferior roofs at the cheapest conceivable cost.

All around America, property owners choose roofers by the Casual Contractor Bidding System. This system involves the owner contacting various roofing companies for inspection and estimates on their roof. Knowing that the cheaper price often sells the job, contractors submit bids with bare-bone details. Contractors realize that a good roof is a system and costs more than merely an installation of a new set of shingles installed over old shingles. The hook of these “bare-bone” casual bids is that their price usually entices homeowners. Once the job is awarded, the contractor has to cut corners in order to make a profit or break even, or says they can’t finish the job unless you pay them more money. The result of this process is that homeowners are most often left with a poorly designed and installed roof system.

The best way to hire a contractor is through the traditional bidding system. This system allows the owner to investigate the condition of the roof systems and gather ideas for repair or replacement. The goal in this type of negotiating work is for the owner to get an estimate for a pre-determined scope of work with a budget and worthwhile warranty.

When one buys a poorly designed and installed roof without going through the traditional bidding system, they open themselves to inferior products, craftsmanship, and business practices. When analyzing prices, different contractors usually figure different systems with completely different price ranges in order to give you the price you desire, but not necessarily the job you need. This confuses owners on who they should hire and trust to meet their roofing needs. The following information is provided to give one an example of problems obtained by casual bidding practices:

  1. LOW BALL BID: When a contractor is out of work they often quote unusually low prices. This is a good deal as far as price goes but beware, contractors who quote low prices often cut corners to earn a profit or demand more money once your home is open to the elements.
  2. HIGH BALL BID: When business is good and the contractor is extremely busy, owners may notice an adverse effect in quality. Hasty work at inflated prices makes money for the contractor, but the lack of workmanship, follow up, and guarantee leaves the customer “holding the bag.” Remember, all contractors pay the same for materials, labor, insurance, etc., making the cost of installing roofs at least comparable. When one price is higher than all others, it is usually a difference in materials specified and scopes of work defined. The price at Antebellum Roofworks is always based on the best quality products and installation. That is why our price may differ from out competitors. If you wish to save, however, we have suggestions for you to save without sacrificing the structural investment in your home.



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