Window and Door Pediments

A pediment is an ornamental architectural accent that sits above doors or windows. They are highly decorative and look similar to a fireplace mantelpiece. A pediment is often matched with the color and general design of side trim to make your door or window look elegant and tasteful.

window and door pediments

Windows and Door Pediments are the perfect finishing touch for any door or window system. By adding a pediment, you are adding distinction as well as significant curb appeal to any window or door.

Pediments Materials

Pediments are traditionally made of milled wood, and the most beautiful and ornate designs continue to be made from wood. Many historical or neo-classical buildings will use stone such as marble, but this option is usually a bit too pricey and involved for the typical building or home.

In addition to wood, newer pediments can be made of synthetic materials like PVC, polyurethane or fiberglass. All of these products are relatively cheap, lightweight and practically maintenance free. PVC can tend to deform over time after repeated exposure to sunlight, but the other two products do not exhibit this problem.

A pediment can also be custom-formed and welded out of sheet metal. Copper is a popular choice for this route, as it can match flashing or standing seam materials used in other parts of the building exterior.

Pediment Designs

There are as many designs for pediments as your imagination can come up with. Suppliers tend to carry a limited amount of pre-formed styles on hand, but special or custom ordering is always an option.

The classic pediment is a triangular shape as seen in Greek architecture. Other popular designs include curved or arched pediments that look like a semicircle.

Open or “broken” pediments refer to a design that does not meet in the middle. Common open pediment designs include curved swan necks and interrupted triangles with another ornamental component in the middle.

Choosing the right pediment depends completely on your desired visual effect and personal tastes. Nearly all wood and synthetic pediments can also be painted or finished in a color of your choice.

Nashville Door and Window Pediment Installation Experts

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