Metal Ceilings

Look up and describe what you see. Unless you are reading this outside on your mobile device, chances are you looked at a nondescript white slate. Why shouldn’t your ceiling make a statement like the rest of your house? Consider having a custom made metal ceiling installed in your home. A metal ceiling can give your home a classic Victorian look or add some modern flare, all depending on what you would like crafted.

metal ceiling installation

A Traditional Modern Ceiling

Every room in your home has a fifth wall: the ceiling. So, how do you add flare to your fifth wall? Metal ceilings can do just that. They were very popular in the 1920s in America, and through time have become something that could give a vintage look to a room. You could go with the classic look for your room. This would be an ornate metal ceiling made of a dark metal like copper, tin or aluminum. A tiled pattern works best for this with included classic scroll work. Look for pictures on the internet of vintage homes with tin ceilings in order to pick a pattern that you like.

A More Modern Flare

If a more modern look is your style, consider forgoing the darker colors and pick a polished metal that gives a stainless look. Patterns for a modern metal ceilings are less ornate and consist more of simple patterns of squares, concentric circles or even in some cases, raised flooring type patterns of lines. Picture what you want for your space, or search for patterns on the internet that you would like to incorporate into your room.

Nashville Metal Ceiling Experts

No matter what type of pattern or look you want for your metal ceiling, the experts at Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc are your metal ceiling resource in Nashville. Call us today at (615) 794-9111 or fill out our contact form today with your patterns, ceiling measurements and any special requests you might have so we can get started on your metal ceiling.

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