Looking to turn something functional into something decorative? Trying to make a statement with an everyday item? A custom made copper mailbox for your home or business may be the perfect solution.


Every house has a mailbox, but who really takes the time to match their mailbox to the décor? A copper mailbox can add elegance and charm to your home and tie together the style of your home or landscaping. The best part about copper is, no matter what sort of design you get, it will never go out of style.

Though any sheet metal could be used to create your mailbox, here are some ideas of how you could integrate copper into an existing mailbox or have a new one made.

Post Mount Mailboxes

One of the most common types of mailboxes, these would be mounted to a wooden or metal post in front of your house. Not only can the mailbox be part of the landscaping, the post can also be decorated with copper to match the style of the mailbox. You might even consider having the entire post made of copper to match your mailbox.

Wall Mount

Instead of having your mailbox mounted to a post at the end of your walk or driveway, you could instead install the mailbox right up against the side of the house or on the porch. This allows you to make the mailbox part of the house.

Letter or Mail Slot

Integrate your copper right into the door and have a copper letter or mail slot installed. Custom lettering or ornamentation can be added to make it personalized.

Nashville Mailbox Experts

Whatever style you enjoy, Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc is your Nashville mailbox expert.Call us today at (615) 794-9111 or fill out our Contact Us form today with ideas for your copper or other sheet metal mailboxes and we will make your vision a reality.

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