A gazebo is an outdoor pavilion or permanent tent-like structure used for recreation, entertaining and relaxation. These structures can be round, square or octagonal in shape. Gazebos are familiar sights and can be found in parks, gardens, backyards, on decks, on a lake or seashore, outdoor restaurants or just about any outdoor area where people congregate.

About Gazebos

Gazebos have been around since at least the middle ages. They are free-standing structures which have roofs but are open on the sides. The structure may be screened or feature railings or balustrades. A gazebo floor can be anything from natural grass to stone, concrete, brick or even a raised wood deck.

gazebos installation

While a gazebo is a free standing structure, it can be located alone in an open area or can be attached to another building. Often, a decorative wall or path will provide a connection between the main building and the gazebo, with some even located at the center of hedge mazes or surrounded by decorative topiaries.

The most common gazebo has a wood construction and uses ordinary shingles for roofing. A simple metal or copper roof cap or cupola with a spire or finial can be mounted on top for accent and style.

The ultimate gazebo roof, however, is entirely constructed from metal, using copper tile or roof panels. Such a copper gazebo roof may be conical, octagonal, bell shaped, pentagonal, pyramidal, domed or any number of other shapes or styles.

Why Build a Gazebo

Gazebos are very popular and appealing structures because they add an attractive, stylish and ornamental feature to a property’s architecture and landscaping. In addition, they serve a practical purpose for those spring, summer and fall gatherings. In warm weather, gazebos are very popular spots to rest, entertain, eat, relax and socialize. A gazebo provides shelter, shade and a place to lounge and enjoy recreation.

Expert Gazebo Installation in Nashville

While inexpensive kits can be found to erect gazebos, a professional installation will ensure that your structure is strong and will enhance your property for many years to come. At Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc, we have a great deal of experience in erecting these structures. We focus on quality and style and use only the best materials available. For a free job quote, or to get more information on the styles of gazebo we offer, call us today at (615) 794-9111 or use our quick and easy contact form.

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