How Can ROOF-AID Extend Your Roof’s Service Life?


How can roof aid extend your roofs service life -Your roof is constantly exposed to threats from the elements, but your inaction could be the reason for its downfall. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, up to 8 in every 10 roofs fail prematurely, and improper maintenance is the usual suspect. Failing to proactively schedule inspections and tackle repairs might cause your roofing system to fail in its prime.

How Can ROOF-AID Extend Your Roof's Service Life?

As one of the region’s top local roofing contractors, Antebellum Roofworks fully appreciates the value of preventive roof maintenance. This is why we developed our ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan.

Here’s how it can help you maintain your roofing system:

Monitoring Roof Health

When you get our ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan, we’ll tailor the inspection and repair strategy to meet your roof’s unique needs. Our ultimate goal is to stay ahead of leaks, catch all kinds of damage early and delay the need for roof replacement.

Whatever your budget, expect to receive a detailed report with an itemized drawing showing your roofing system’s weaknesses. You can rest assured that we have all the information you need to stay on top of your roof’s health.

Preparing for the Worst Seasons

Many roofs age fast because they tend not to be structurally ready when the most detrimental seasons of the year roll around. Usually, this happens when inspections are not routinely scheduled.

Our ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan will schedule visits at strategic times of the year. We aim to not only urgently fix apparent issues, but also uncover hidden causes for concern. It’s highly improbable to accomplish both objectives successfully with bad timing, especially since the weather is unpredictable and uncooperative.

Staying Warranty-Compliant

Roofing manufacturers will guarantee that their products will be free from manufacturing or material defects for extensive periods. Proper maintenance, along with flawless installation, is usually one the warranty conditions, though. By using our ROOF-AID Residential Roof Maintenance and Service Plan to best effect, your roof’s warranty could bail you out when you need it.

Learn more about Antebellum Roofworks’s roof maintenance plans and credentials. Call us at (615) 266-3441 now to talk about your roofing needs, and get a free estimate in Franklin or Brentwood, TN.



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