Conductor Heads

Conductor heads are box-shaped accessories that allow gutters to direct water flow better and more quietly. They also add a stately component to your copper flashing or roofing materials. Conductor heads are generally installed under the soffit so air can get into the gutter and lessen the gurgling. They can also be used near a valley area to help drain excess rainwater.

Why Use Conductor Heads

Copper leader heads or conductor heads make the perfect architectural accent to copper gutters.

Conductor Heads

These pieces are also known as collector boxes or scupper boxes. They add both style and function to your gutter system. In addition to serving as an accent piece, these leader heads also allow for improved water collection and dispersion — especially during periods of heavy rainfall.

Adding a conductor head can increase the lifespan of your gutter components while also protecting your foundation from water overflow.

Conductor heads can also be fabricated from aluminum, galvanized steel and other material and can be given any number of finishes to fit your gutter system perfectly. We can create traditional conductor heads or even fabricate custom ones to fit your style.

Nashville Conductor Head Installation Experts

For people looking for an experienced contractor to install conductor heads, Nashville turns to us. We offer a variety of styles and installation types, and we also have expert staff to make sure that the conductor heads are properly secured and implemented into your gutter system. Call us at (615) 794-9111 today or fill out our form for a free quote or to get started.

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