Once only seen on Christian churches and cathedrals, Steeple Roofs are now much more prevalent on a wide variety of residential projects. The look is one of “Olde-worlde” charm, and their design is energy efficient, useful in adverse weather conditions, fire resistant and durable.


Our handcrafted steeples are designed with attention to detail our number one focus. We can also customize any design, size and feature other materials to your specifications for already existing projects, and offer a selection of popular attractive and durable materials.

The Ambassador Steeple

This style of steeple is not only a mark of prominence, but also a statement of your home’s overall aesthetic: An architecturally profound statement that does more than simply ‘top off’ your residence.

The Charlton King Steeple

Praised for its architectural design elements and its strong robust construction, this design features vent slabs to aerate the structure, increase its lifespan and preserving its look for many years to come.

The Chelsea Steeple

A one-of-a-kind design, guaranteed to stand out in any neighborhood, this historic design features a lower half of shuttered, vent-like construction, gently tapering to a long, extended point. Artistic and exclusive, this steeple roof brings your home immediate prominence.

The Fort Tyron Steeple

Representing a design of the antique feel associated with a Middle-European village appearance, this steeple is a perfect fit for traditional situations and styles. A gentle peak tops an ornate lower box structure that definitely makes a statement of individualism.

The Greenwich Steeple

An exquisitely constructed metal steeple, this design features pitched window-frame accents to a shuttered room-like look that adds the appearance of a private story to your home’s roof. Surprisingly, it one of the most affordable steeple roofs you can add to your home.

The Tudor Steeple

Mixing two traditional designs, one of our best sellers features a taller lower story, pitched window-framed above a sloped base and a traditional, church-like tapered steeple that can be topped with your own choice of design, from weather vanes to more religious ornaments. This is a steeple that definitely sends a message about your home from anywhere in its neighborhood.

Nashville Steeple Experts

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