Soffits – Perforated and Nonperforated

Soffit can put a finishing touch to your home and add protection at the same time. Whether you are replacing older soffit to match new siding or you are planning what you would like to put on your new construction, consider adding a unique look by using ornamental soffit.

What is Soffit?

Simply put, soffit is the panel that connects the underside of your roof to the siding on your home. In some places these are referred to as the eaves. Soffit protects the wood that makes up the underside of your roof as well as sealing your siding to prevent water from running between the siding and the outer wall. Depending on the overhang of your roof, the width of the soffit you need might vary.


Soffit can be made of any material. Many times your soffit will just be installed with the same material that the siding on your home is done in, but that may not be the best choice. Choosing to have sheet metal soffit added to your home can add life to the panels as well as adding strength and protection for your roof.

Perforated vs. Nonperforated

Soffit panels can come in two basic styles; perforated or nonperforated. As you can imagine from the name, perforated panels have holes punched into them. These holes provide airflow and ventilation to your home. The primary reason you would wish to do this is if you have a non-livable attic space that can be heated or cooled to keep air flowing in the building.

In buildings that have no attic, a livable attic space or even have alternate ventilation, a perforated solution is not needed. Choosing a non-perforated sheet would be preferable to prevent unwanted airflow.

Nashville Soffit Experts

The craftsmen /contact-us/ are your experts for soffit in Nashville. Our soffit panels come in 1” and 1 ½” sizes and are useful for a wide variety of home and commercial applications. Call us today at (615) 794-9111 or fill out our contact form today for a quote or to get started.

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