Metal Roofing Fabrication and Supply

Every building has its own special character. Choices that the builder or architect made make each building an individual with their own nuances and details. That is why it is so important that Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc roll forms their own roof panels instead of buying preformed and premade roofing panels. Making the roofs custom to the building ensures both proper fit and materials that are needed and appropriate for that building. Just like one size fits all clothing doesn’t quite work, one size fits all roofing does not work either.

Advantages of On-Site Roll Forming vs. Premade Panels

When we started in the roofing business two decades ago, we started with panels that were premade by roofing supply houses and had them shipped to our work sites. It was pretty easy to see that there were a number of problems with pre made panels. The quality of the product suffers in the mass production environment. Also, it was difficult to get proper gauge metal for specific applications. Mass manufacturing factories have their typical range (typically 26 to 30 gauge) and were unwilling to produce anything outside of that. Fasteners are also an issue with mass produced panels. They are low quality and don’t seal as well as they should. Finally, care was not taken with how the panels were finished. Paint was cheap and just did not provide the quality look we wanted associated with our work.

It only took two short years to realize that manufacturing our own roofing materials would be the way to go. It was then that we purchased our first roll forming machine and never looked back. Rolling our own roofs allows the freedom to use a thicker gauge metal for roofing applications (24 gauge or more).

Fasteners and finishes are also able to be of a much higher quality. Since everything is produced locally, the one size fits all mentality doesn’t apply. Not only are we familiar with the area, climate and what materials work best; we also stimulate the local economy by providing jobs. It is also worth a LEED Point in the green building industry because it saves on emissions from transporting materials long distances.

Nashville Custom Metal Roofing Experts

By manufacturing your roof on our site, we can custom tailor our roofing supplies to your needs. The quality of your roofing materials are not left up to some unnamed inspector in a factory far away. We provide 10 standing seam profiles and two through fastened (screw down) profiles. We also provide all accessories and trims that you might need.

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