Finials and Spires

Copper finials provide a unique element that will make your home to stand out in a way that is distinct, convenient yet still affordable. Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc manufactures copper finials in a variety of styles and designs, and can custom create a finial if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

Copper Finials

Finials often resemble the pointed end of a medieval spear. They suffer a great deal of abuse from the elements, so choosing a durable material is vital to keeping your finial looking great for years to come. Copper is an ideal choice. No other material provides such a classic and stunning look while holding up against whatever the weather delivers.

Finials and Spires

These structures come in a broad range of finishes and can even use powder-coated steel rods to accent and support the finial. Finials can go on top of a turret, cupola or other highpoint on your roof, or can even serve as decorative sculptures or accents in a yard or topiary.

Broad Varieties

There are a huge variety of finials available featuring dozens of shapes, sizes and forms from which to choose. Picking the right option for your structure can greatly improve the style and appeal of the building.

A Finial is a striking decorative addition that serves as an excellent finish to any architectural design. Many of the most popular forms of finial feature crosses in various designs which inspire and speak to a deep religious meaning.

Angelic Cross

The Angelic Metal Cross represents a deep significance and expression of religious ideas. Carved of top quality metal with respect, devotion and longevity, our crosses are the benchmark of the industry.

Cathedral Cross

The Cathedral Metal Cross style inspires the devoted follower of his/her faith. This piece is designed for a rooftop but is versatile enough to blend in any environment.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross signals grace and peace from a higher order. It represents a seal and a symbol of theology that resonates well beyond your home and inspires all who view it.

Christian Cross

The Christian Cross is an example of the integration of religious traditions. With a stylized etch design, this cross within a cross is a deeply reverent design. A sharply fashionable look helps to make this one of the most popular cross finials available.

Other types of religious finials include the divine cross, faithful cross, the grace cross, the halo cross, the Iona cross, the St. Johns cross and the Western cross.

Other Types of Finials

Not every finial uses a religious design, but each is an example of an alternate interpretation of how a finial can be applied. Each also carries its own unique and stunning approach to the traditional finial and can be used on a variety of rooftops. Some of the more popular choices for design include the asteroid, Charon and comet finials.

The Asteroid Finial

An asteroid finial has a spherical structure supported by a classic three-level base. With a strong and fortified look, the asteroid finial has a striking aesthetic and is popular in the Northeast.

Charon Finial

The Charon finial features a sleek, smooth and modern style. The design accentuates and amplifies contemporary building appearance.

Comet Finial

The comet finial is named for its unique design which appears to be ready for takeoff into outer space.

Other types of finial include the “Cosmo,” “eclipse,” “flare,” “galaxy,” “genesis,” “Juno,” “Mercury,” “meteor, “orbit,” “satellite,” “Saturn,” “star” and “Venus” finial. Each has its own attractions and can complement a variety of roofing choices. At Antebellum Roofworks Co Inc, we can help you decide which design is best for your aesthetic and personal needs.

Nashville Finial and Spire Experts

Whatever type of finial you choose, there are approaches ranging from classical to futuristic. Choosing the right finial for your building can provide both historic and contemporary appeal and improve the aesthetic value of the structure.

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