Chimney Caps

Copper chimney caps are a vital means of protecting your fireplace while allowing proper ventilation to your home. These devices allow for an exhaust outlet for your fireplace and protect against unwanted entry from the elements for both gas and wood-burning setups.

About Copper Chimney Caps

A Chimney Cap acts as a shelter at the top of the chimney, protecting it from the elements and from debris and animals that may otherwise find their way in. These devices not only allow for ventilation of your chimney, the vents or mesh wire can prevent debris and animals from entering your chimney. Perhaps more importantly, however, a chimney cap allows smoke and gas to escape. It is a front line of defense against birds, rodents and the like as well as keeping rain and snow from entering your home.

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Their copper construction is strong, long-lasting and the metal will gain a beautiful and classic patina as time passes, providing an elegant appearance. If you do not like the patina, it can easily be removed by polishing to restore a brand new appearance.

Measuring Your Chimney

When measuring for a Copper Chimney Cap, measure the flue from side-to-side and the gap between flues. Then, measure the tallest flue height above the chimney crown. Measure the distance from the outermost flue to the chimney crown outside edge. Finally measure the total span of all flues, and the outermost chimney crown from end to end. If you have more than one flue, or your flue is rectangular in shape, you will probably require a rectangular chimney cap.

Nashville Chimney Cap Installation Experts

Installing a chimney cap requires precision and expertise. Our installers can handle any size or shape of cap you need, with precision and quality, whether it is a standard cap or a Hip Roof Copper Chimney Cap. Call us today at (615) 794-9111 or fill out our  contact form for a free job quote or to get started.

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