What to Consider When Hiring a Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator

Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator – Hiring a sheet metal fabricator can be tricky. Every company claims they’re the best, but their credentials might say otherwise if you look closer. To find the most reliable contractor for your home improvement project, consider these key factors:

Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator


Years in business separate the reputable custom sheet metal contractors from the less trustworthy ones. Of course, you want to entrust your project to a company with a proven track record to ensure quality work.

Moreover, longevity doesn’t only indicate experience. It can also pertain to business stability. According to Inc.com, only 4% of businesses in America survive after 10 years. The other 96% close their doors in less than a decade because they fail to pay the bills.

In the home improvement, quality workmanship and best-in-class customer service are keys to longevity. A good case in point is Antebellum Roofworks; we’re one of the oldest architectural sheet metal contractors in the Volunteer State. Plying our trade since 1995, our over 20 years of presence means Tennesseans approve of the brand of service we provide.


Metal fabricators are not equal. Some only do gutters and chimney caps while others are adept at more applications. Hire a company that has already done the kind of architectural feature you want multiple times in the past to ensure flawless work. After all, you don’t want your project to be an experiment.


Choose a company that can give you insurance against unsatisfactory results. Buying custom metal architectural components can be a significant expense, which is why you should work with a contractor that can provide absolute peace of mind.

At Antebellum Roofworks, our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee sets us apart from our competitors. If you’re not happy with our products or services, we’ll redo everything if need be until you’re completely satisfied.


Most importantly, go local. Many things have to be factored into custom sheet metal fabrication. To get things right, make sure your company is familiar with the local climate and building codes. Plus, you can’t expect to get solutions with a personal touch from non-local fabricators. It’s always better to entrust your project to a “neighbor” than to a “stranger”.

Learn more about what Antebellum Roofworks brings to the table. Call us at (615) 266-3441 to talk about your home improvement needs in Franklin or Brentwood, TN, and get a free estimate.



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