Common Metal Roofing Myths

Common Metal Roofing Myths – With its amazing benefits and unique beauty, it’s no surprise that metal is one of the most popular roofing materials on the market today. Along with its fame, however, comes some common misconceptions that may be holding you back from investing in this excellent material. Antebellum Roofworks, one of the leading local roofing contractors, sheds some light on the top myths surrounding this material.

Common Metal Roofing Myths

They Attract Lightning

Arguably one of the biggest myths about metal roofs is that they are more likely to attract lightning than other roofing materials. Lightning, however, usually strikes the tallest object around. In the rare case that lightning does strike your home, regardless of your roofing material, the energy would disperse throughout the structure, making it harmless.

They Offer No Resale Value

Because of their simple structure, most homeowners believe that metal roofs provide little to no resale value. On the contrary, homes renovated with a standing-seam metal roof recoup up to 85.9% of costs according to Remodeling magazine.

Need a boost in your home’s value? Turn to our expert team for a metal roof replacement. We install each roof flawlessly so you can enjoy their benefits, including their value, for a long time.

They Are Loud

Since metal seems thinner than most roofing materials, it’s a common misconception that they will be noisier when it rains. Metal roofs are actually quieter than your regular asphalt shingle roof because they are installed with a solid sheathing material attached to the underlayment. It greatly reduces outside noise by acting as a sound insulator.

Metal roofs are an excellent choice for your home. As one of the top architectural sheet metal contractors in the area, Antebellum Roofworks can provide a quality roofing for your home. Call us at (615) 266-3441 today to learn more about our products and services. We serve Franklin, Brentwood and the surrounding Tennessee communities.



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